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Cavapoo puppy for sale

Updated: Mar 30

beautiful pups with a Calm energy,

soon they will find their new home!

We look forwards to meeting the future owner of this pup

Our pups are fed royal canin from start to sale and

That causes better health, longer hair at such a young age, smarter pups !

Faster training!

Gorgeous pups with great health!

Fully vet checked and vaccinated! ( includes heart sounding ) eye checks / hip checks!


with drontal puppy wormer for both round worms and tape worms

Better prices because they are fed higher quality kibble and it costs more than twice the price!

Our pups are emotionally ready for their new home, with zero stress from moving!

If you are happy to work with us, we treat each puppy as an individual,

From home to home,

we socialise pups from an early age, nurturing them in an environment that's safe and encourages them to develope their own personality!

The majority of my pups are #nonshed and hypoallergenic but ask me first please!

Some of my pups would suit any persons with allergies to pet hair, asthma and allergies to pet dander!

Please communicate your needs with me before visiting!

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