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cavapoo pups /babies

Updated: 4 days ago

These little babies could be potentially booked now with a deposit!

Below cavapoo f2 pups available to book

Thank you

I refer to these pups as babies, because to me they are like babies and are still with their mummy,

The mummy gets plenty of me time away from her pups too, and that's what keeps me busy, is just accommodating them all!

I know there are people out there who would have sold them by now,

I on the other hand am very cautious and tend to hold my pups back a bit just to be sure they won't suffer any stress moving to their new home!

I think this is exactly why all the pups I have bred and sold are doing immediately sowell for the customers!

My only agenda is to make sure my wee dogs are happy and loved and that when I do get a home for the pups that the puppy grows up healthy for you guys and brings you a ton of love and joy!

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