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Updated: Aug 14

Welcome and please text me to arrange a booking!

We can hold our pups for a few weeks until you are ready to take them home!

But not indefinitely, only until they are ready! , pups need to stay with their mum, but there is a stage where they need to go to their new home and learn new life skills!

We do a lot of work slowly weaning pups and getting them ready to move, please work with us!

contact me now to book a puppy!

View our pups on the available now page

we will keep you updated on the pups progress!

£100 deposit secures!

All pups come microchipped

Vet checked

Vet examined

D h p p I l4 Vaccinated by our qualified vet

Wormed and defleed!

Available now at my fully licienced premises!

Our pups are fed the highest quality royal canin puppy kibble!

Be reassured that we are making sure that each pup we sell, is in perfect health and ready to move to the new home!

Each pup is unique and special!

Check out the available now section to see which pup you can book today, 07484222638

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