Getting a puppy

If you would like to visit and view a pup you wish to purchase, contact me directly at

  +44 7484 222638  or email me at . I am available at any time all week and I can provide you with all the information about the breed and how to care for your potential puppy. We are open to the public to visit and purchase a pup all day Saturday and Sunday. 

We are licensed to passport pups to Southern Ireland and the European Union.


Our Breeds

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Designer Pups 
by Annabel

Licensed Private Kennels

Manyburns River Pups

About Us

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Hi, and welcome to Designer Pups by Annabel.

I am delighted to find you here on our updated website. 

My family has a rich history in Co. Fermanagh and we have been dog lovers and breeders all of our lives with a keen passion for dogs and pups. We are a fully licensed kennel located in the picturesque countryside of Co. Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland.

Choosing a pup to join your family is an exciting time. In today's stressful world our puppy's unconditional love will bring you untold joy. Our aim is to provide you with a perfect new family member - a healthy puppy with a great temperament. Our puppies have a perfect balance of a gentle nature with curious intelligence.

I look forward to meeting you and your family here with us at Designer Pups by Annabel, where you will get the opportunity to meet your new family member.


Puppy Corner