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Designer Pups for Sale

At Design Pups by Annabel, we take immense pride in offering top-quality puppies that undergo a thorough vet check to ensure their health and well-being. Our commitment to responsible breeding and socialization ensures that our pups are not only physically robust but also emotionally well-adjusted. With a focus on providing the best care from birth, our puppies are raised in a nurturing environment for a seamless transition to their forever homes.

Vet Check and Health Protocols

Each of our puppies undergoes a comprehensive vet check conducted by a qualified veterinarian. The check includes assessments for heart murmurs, using a stethoscope to detect any potential issues. We examine their legs, hips, eyes, and hernias to ensure they are free from any abnormalities. Furthermore, our diligent checks also include screening for worms, and we follow a strict worming protocol to maintain their optimal health.


Microchipping and Registration

As part of our commitment to pet safety, each puppy is microchipped, and the chip is registered to the customer at the point of sale. This ensures a secure and traceable identification system, giving pet owners peace of mind.

Nutrition and Coats

We believe in providing the best possible nutrition to our puppies. From the age of two weeks, they are fed with premium kibble - Royal Canin. Additionally, during pregnancy, our mother dogs are also nourished with this high-quality diet, ensuring that the pups receive essential nutrients for healthy growth. As a result, our puppies boast beautiful, lustrous coats that showcase their excellent overall health.

Socialisation and Emotional Well-being

We recognise the importance of socialisation for puppies. Our breeding practices adhere to licensed rules for proper socialization, enhancing their emotional well-being. Our puppies are raised in a loving environment, exposed to various stimuli, sights, and sounds, contributing to their well-rounded development.

Natural Weaning Approach

At Design Pups by Annabel, we employ a natural weaning approach, working in harmony with Mother Nature. This approach ensures that the puppies' digestive tracts are fully developed and ready for the transition to their forever homes. We take pride in making this crucial phase of their lives as smooth and stress-free as possible.

When you choose a puppy from Design Pups by Annabel, you can be assured of receiving a healthy, well-socialised companion that has received the best care possible. Our commitment to thorough vet checks, premium nutrition, and responsible breeding practices ensures that our puppies are ready to embark on a lifetime of love and happiness with their new families.

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