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Hi, I'm Annabel.

Coming from a family of dog breeders it was inevitable that I, myself would follow in both my father and my mothers foot steps. I fondly remember working with my my late mother who bred Yorkshire terrier pups, and I had the enviable job of looking after them each and every evening after school.

My father was a great lover of the magestic German Shepard, He successfully bred them for many years, his moto was that the German Shepard was in fact 'a real dog" and today we still have several living here with us, both as guard dogs and pets. I have admit I am extremely proud to own them.

I have grown up around dogs and I wouldn't change that.  One of the great pleasures of being a dog breeder is to be able to share the unconditional  love that only a dog can give through our pups, to positive and caring people. I am passionate about all my pups and before a puppy can leave my care I insist on meeting all the new potential owners. which happens when you come here to purchase potentially your new family member.

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At Manyburns River Kennels, I am a fully licensed dog breeder and for the last 10 years, I have been exclusively working with cavachon, cavapoo and Morkie breeds. Both these adorable animals are small indoor house pets, with beautiful non-shed coats, and have lovely natures and temperaments. 

I look forward to welcoming you to the kennels, where we can discuss the pups and make sure that both the pup and the family are the perfect match.

Best regards,

License number: 8 

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