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Cavachon puppies for sale Northern Ireland come and see!

Updated: 16 hours ago

hi every one

I have one girl available in cavachon pups

She is £550 currently, she is a wee darling!

Contact me

The pups eat royal canin mini puppy

It’s a high quality kibble and very nutrient dense!

I only sell rehome my dogs from my licensed premises at my home! I live here with my dogs and they have loads of safe places to run and play! My dogs are never lonely because they always have a wee friend to play with, often their own sibling!

I always buy my new lines in pairs! It is so lovely for dogs to have this security!

All my dogs are socialised together and they all have a gently nature! I don’t own or breed any agressive dogs!

All my dogs are kind gentle and loving so they will need loving homes

Please support your licensed dog breeder because if you don’t we cannot maintain this high standard!

It is vital we can afford to feed the best quality kibble and our pups depend on it!

This is your future and your friends future we are building!

Dogs can bring the best health joy and happiness to people

All those walks and social life you will have together!

Don’t get a dog if you are not prepared to commit!

Try to get a support network in place so that you have people to rely on to help with your dogs!

I love having my dogs and I love their demands that they make on me every day!

Having my German Shepard’s to waken up to in the morning as we have breakfast and they guard us while we sleep, what an incredible dog they are, I don’t breed them as it’s too much work for me! But I am so glad my father did and he did a great job and I still have a few of his lines, with his nature imprinted on them!

My daughter is carrying on my father’s legacy with her love of animals and helping me each and every day! As I helped my parents when i was a child!

Dogs will teach us commitment. Empathy and kindness consideration!

People constantly remark how my daughter is so grown up and well behaved that is

Because she has been raised with my dogs but also my father, he taught her how to be assertive and how to care deeply!

She took care of him in his old age! Any child that would do that is special indeed! The social services nurses and home helps all know and admire my child for all she did for her grandfather! And now my customers admire her for all she does for their pups!

All those little chats and cuddles that is why my pups are so brilliant

Even the rehomers and our previous dog warden was impressed with hazel Mary’s skills at dog training he remarked at on his visits at how she effortlessly could lift an adult dog at such a young age, and comfort it, when he would visit, and I have to say he was a wonderful person indeed and his work will be his legacy! He was a dog trainer him self and it really reflected in how he worked closely with the breeders to build up standards all the time!

All of these things are the work we do! Each and every day, it’s a lot of work and commitment,

But our hearts are full!

We have worked hard to build our reputation with honesty and integrity

We try to stay as positive on here as possible because that is what builds hope and a better future

Let’s not forget if you sow thoughts of negativity you will get the same. But if you believe and work hard to a better future and put in the effort you will not only succeed but you will triumph!

Do you believe it is possible that I can breed you the perfect dog ? That’s got the best temperament

Well brought up and happy and loved

Wormed and defleed

Do you believe it is possible?

My Instagram is testiment to all the work I have already achieved and that’s. Not to mention all the what’s app texts and photos I get sent regularily from my happy customers!

Believe it hope it and dream it folks

I have created this whole place by being steady loving kind and true to my own set of values!

It is no mistake that I am placed here with a qualified license! No mistake to the People of this wee country and believe me I think you all deserve a great dog!

We have had years of troubles and hardships a wee dog is all we have now for therapy!

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