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Cavachons for sale also can be booked , ready soon

Updated: 3 days ago

#cavachons coming soon

above is a beautiful photo we took of the current litter of cavachons here!

First small puppy photos of the pups we have ready in one month above

I could start booking them any time

To be honest these pups are more like

Cavapoo cavachons

Their temperament is unreal. I’ll have to make a video

They are so calm and laid back

Yet easily trained. I mean I

just put my hand down and they just hop on to my hand!

You have never seen as a cute a litter of pups!

They don’t bite and act all hyper

They just loving! Honestly I

m blessed to own so many gorgeous pups!B

Because I used to breed full bichons I have some lovely nature ones that I have kept

They are heart melters

And I know every one wants apricot

So I have created apricot with both

Colour and nature


Come see them some weekend You will not be dissapointed

Seeing and experiencing them will make you a believer like me!

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